Packers final record prediction ahead of 2022 schedule release


The full NFL schedule is expected to be released Thursday. The Green Bay Packers, like all teams, already know who they will face this fall.

Aside from their Oct. 9 date with the New York Giants across the pond, Green Bay doesn’t know when they’ll face the rest of their opponents.

Either way, the team is set for another successful double-digit season.

Before the schedule is released, let’s predict Matt LaFleur’s team regular season record. Remember that a lot can and will change between now and early September.

2022 Packers road games

Chicago Bears–W

The Chicago Bears are a rebuilding franchise. Aaron Rodgers owns Soldier Field. Green Bay has not lost to Chicago since Matt LaFleur took over (6-0).

Minnesota Vikings–W

These matchups in Minnesota always look close. But with the arrival of a rookie head coach in Kevin O’Connell and the inability of Kirk Cousins ​​to escape the pressure, the Packers are expected to pull a close one in Minneapolis.

Detroit Lions–W

The Detroit Lions have a very real chance of not finishing last in the NFC North this season. They will definitely be a better team, but not against the Packers.

Miami Dolphins – O

The Miami Dolphins have improved a lot this offseason. The Tyreek Hill acquisition was just the tip of the iceberg for Mike McDaniel’s team.

Miami is a dangerous team with a lot of speed. But the main Green Bay veterans played together for a much longer period. It could be a tricky game, but expect the more experienced team to come out on top.

Buffalo Bills – L

We could watch a preview of the Super Bowl here. The two best quarterbacks in the league will face off in an absolute shootout against two of the best defenses in the league. In the end, Buffalo will get the ball last.

Philadelphia Eagles – W

The Eagles are a sleeper in the NFC. After acquiring Pro Bowl wide receiver AJ Brown in the draft, Jalen Hurts has a strong offensive core around him.

It might be close at first, but expect Matt LaFleur’s offense to go up a notch in the second half with Joe Barry’s defense putting the pincers on the young late Philadelphia QB.

Washington Commanders – W

Green Bay has a bullet-peddling secondary. Carson Wentz has recently been playing like a risk-loving QB. Look for Joe Barry’s defense to force several Washington turnovers.

Tampa Bay Buccaneers–W

Aaron Rodgers and Tom Brady reunite for what could be the last time. They are the two greatest quarterbacks of all time. This time, Rodgers gets the better of Brady as the Packers’ offense wreaks havoc on new head coach Todd Bowles’ aging defense, especially up front.

Packers home games in 2022

Chicago Bears–W

Aaron Rodgers also owns the Bears at 1265 Lombardi Ave.

Minnesota Vikings–W

Green Bay sweeps another bitter division rival as Minnesota fails to keep up with the offensive fireworks display of Rodgers, Aaron Jones and an increasingly scary WR body.

Detroit Lions–W

This could be a Week 18 game as the NFL usually likes to put Detroit against Green Bay, a division game, late in the season. Either way, look for the Packers to manage a Detroit rebuilding team at home.

Dallas Cowboys–F

In the first game between Aaron Rodgers and his former head coach Mike McCarthy, Rodgers will get the better of his former boss.

Number 12 has been the Cowboys’ number for a long time. He is 7-3 against Dallas in his career with a 2-0 record in the playoffs. The Packers have won five of the last six meetings against Dallas.

The Cowboys will be a desperate team at the end of the year while Green Bay will be firing on all cylinders.

New York Giants (London) – W

In a massive marketing game for the NFL, the smaller market will dismantle the larger market. This will be the first time the Packers have played on the road in the regular season.

They will be delighted to play in front of many of their international fans. The Giants are looking for answers. This has a Green Bay victory written all over it.

New England Patriots – W

The Packers and Patriots don’t play very often. They have only met three times in the past 13 years. It will be their first meeting at Lambeau since 2014.

The Patriots are definitely a playoff team with the greatest coach of all time at their helm. But the Green Bay veterans’ roster and experience should bode well for them in this Super Bowl XXXI rematch.

New York Jets–O

The only way the Jets can end this game is if head coach Robert Saleh has secret information about his best friend Matt LaFleur. The Packers as a franchise and roster are on a different level. This game shouldn’t be close.

Los Angeles Rams–W

This highly anticipated game will be a preview of the NFC Championship. The reason I think the Rams aren’t necessarily a threat to the Packers is because Green Bay has managed the Rams each of the last two times they’ve faced each other (combined score of 68-44).

Matthew Stafford has plenty of experience playing at Lambeau Field since moving to Detroit. They weren’t great experiences (3-7 in Lambeau with two of those wins over someone not named Aaron Rodgers).

Green Bay will earn its third straight victory over the defending Super Bowl champions.

Tennessee Titans–W

After losing AJ Brown, the Titans offense will look to recently signed receiver Robert Woods and rookie Treylon Burks to help pick up the slack. MVP candidate Derrick Henry is also very good at what he does in the backfield.

But it won’t be enough for Lambeau as Matt LaFleur will get his second straight win over his former team.

The Packers predicted a record in 2022: 16-1

A projected 16-1 record is certainly ambitious for a team that just lost three of its starting receivers, including franchise legend Davante Adams.

Plus, the return of Tom Brady and facing Super Bowl contenders in the Rams and Bills could all make the season a little treacherous.

Games against Minnesota, Tampa, Los Angeles, Buffalo and Miami will be close.

But let’s not forget what Green Bay has at their disposal. When you get the Packers’ roster and their experience (both on the field and on the coaching staff), they’ll be in a great position in mid-January.

This team has won 39 games over the past three seasons. This is the record in NFL history in three seasons without winning a Super Bowl. This team is due.


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