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A partnership between Optimus Technologies and Falconer Electronics has been announced. Submitted photo

FALCONER – Optimus Technologies has announced a new partnership with Falconer Electronics, an initiative that has created new positions.

Falconer Electronics has entered into an agreement to manufacture the main wiring harness for Optimus’ flagship product, the Vector System, an advanced fuel system technology. The system can transform existing diesel engines into near zero carbon, 100% biodiesel engines.

The transportation sector is responsible for about 30% of greenhouse gas emissions in New York State.

As Falconer continues to grow, the partnership sees the creation of a significant number of new jobs that will lead to further economic prosperity in New York’s Southern Tier region. To date, the partnership has already created seven jobs at Falconer Electronics in the areas of production and quality assurance.

“The entire Falconer Electronics team considers it a privilege to work with the innovative and professional team at Optimus Technologies. Falconer company said in a press release, “The partnership with Optimus Technologies has given Falconer Electronics a front row seat in this powerful clean energy solution with the Vector system. This cutting-edge technology is a game-changer.

In addition to helping revitalize the Southern Tier, this partnership will create tangible products to address and mitigate the effects of climate change with immediate carbon reduction results.

This initiative is the result of Optimus Technologies’ participation in the 76Ouest Competition. In 2019, Optimus Technologies won the grand prize of $ 1 million in the competition which was introduced in 2016 as a four-year competition for clean energy startups in the Southern Tier. Companies like Optimus continue to develop their business activity in the region.

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