‘Pawn Stars’ fans marvel at Chumlee’s weight loss (pics)



Recently, Star pawns Chumlee got very close to a bird, but that’s not what amazes fans. He looks amazing after losing a lot of weight. Plus, he seems to be hinting that his life is about to change.

Here is the whole story.

Pawn stars Chumlee gets closer to a bird

Recently, Chumlee was on Instagram, sharing a video. He wears a large blue glove, intended for birds of prey. But, he is holding a beautiful cockatoo. Its caption reads: “Polly wants a cracker. Maybe she wants some food. #pollywantsacracker #polly #birdsofinstagram. ”

However, in the video, Chumlee still has a few words to say. “Guys, do you know I’m a bird whisperer?” Chumlee stroked her feathered friend as he spoke to the magnificent cockatoo. The bird looks content and happy with all the attention.

It should be noted that Chumlee has a lot of finger rings, but her left hand has a thick glove. Therefore, fans cannot see if he is wearing a wedding ring. He married Olivia a few years ago. However, Chum deleted almost all of his Instagram photos. All traces of Olivia are now gone

This is not all that is gone. A lot of Chumlee is gone. He looks like a new man!

Credit: Chumlee / Instagram

How did you Pawn stars Chumlee lose weight?

Everyone comments on how much less Chumlee there is now. Indeed, in 2019, the affable reality TV star lost over 114 pounds. How did he do it? He had gastric sleeve surgery. In addition, Austin Lee Russell (Chum’s real name) is living his best life!

Chum is seriously altered in his appearance. In addition, one of his goals is to eventually do some cameos and small supporting roles in Hollywood. But for now he’s still playing in Pawn stars, with Rick Harrison, and Chum’s childhood friend, Corey Harrison.

the Pawn stars The fan favorite is on Cameo!

Did you know Chumlee is on Cameo? the Pawn stars is a fan favorite. Plus, Chum makes everyone smile. His offbeat sense of humor and offbeat vision of things make him very desirable on this platform.

This is what he says. “Hey I’m Chumlee here waiting to sing happy birthday or leave an inspirational message for a friend, I could thank you or whatever you have on your mind. Please let me know how to pronounce the name.

If you’re looking for a gift, you might want Chum to say hello, tell a joke, or share something motivating. You can even have a bird. Who wouldn’t want the “bird whisperer” to share a special message? In addition, the Pawn stars favorite remains popular. Who doesn’t want a little more of Chumlee in their life?

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