Person bitten by rabid raccoon in Cumberland County ::



– A rabid raccoon bit a person in Fayetteville on September 19 after trying to move the animal from the road, officials said.

The raccoon was found at Odom Drive and Coventry Road, near Ireland Drive.

Cumberland County Animal Services were called and sent the raccoon to a lab for testing. This raccoon had the second confirmed case of rabies in Cumberland County this year.

County officials say residents should be on the lookout for changes in animal behavior. Animals that are overly aggressive and attack for no reason could develop rabies.

  • Rabid animals can walk in a circle, drag one leg, or fall
  • Some animals may not be able to swallow and may not be able to eat or drink

Cumberland County Animal Services have reminded pet owners to check their pets’ vaccination status.

“Make an appointment with a veterinarian immediately if the animals are not vaccinated against rabies or need a booster,” said Elaine Smith, director of animal services for Cumberland County.

State law requires all dogs and cats to be vaccinated against rabies. Otherwise, owners will be subject to a fine of $ 100 for each animal.

Authorities say residents should avoid all wildlife. But if someone is scratched or bitten by an animal, they should:

  • Immediately wash the wound under running water for at least 10 minutes with plenty of soap.
  • Go directly to the emergency room.

Cumberland County Animal Services are open Monday through Friday 9 a.m. to 5 p.m. If residents have questions, they are encouraged to call 910-321-6852.



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