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Xbox is shaking up its Game Pass range in the near future! While he wins some interesting new titles, he also loses some serious heavy hitting titles. You’ll want to sit down and play these this weekend before they become unavailable.

Game Pass just won Contrast, Tell liesand dreamscaper early February, all available via console and cloud (the latter two are also on PC). The 10 will win Skul: The Hero Slayer, CrossfireX, The Last Children on Earth and the Stick of Fate, Besiegeand edge of eternity. These are all available through Console, PC, and Cloud, except CrossfireX, which is console-only. On Valentine’s Day we win infernax and the wonderful Ark: Ultimate Survivor Editionboth for PC, cloud and console.

Alternatively, on February 15, Xbox Game Pass will lose Code Vein, Control, the falconer, Final Fantasy XII: Age of the Zodiac, Winter Projectand The way. Some of them are massive (and super fun) titles, and you’ll want to pull out your controller now in order to spend some quality time with them.

This lineup change isn’t the only gaming news Microsoft has been making waves with lately. The company also just acquired Activision Blizzard, which has developed some of the greatest titles in video game history, including World of Warcraft, Call of Dutyand candy Crush. It will certainly be interesting to see what other plans Microsoft has in store for the gaming world this year.

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