Police are investigating the ‘unexplained death’ of a goshawk in Powys


POLICE are investigating the ‘unexplained death’ of a goshawk that was discovered in Powys over the weekend.

The bird of prey was found dead in the Brecon area on Sunday April 10, Dyfed Powys Police said.

“The bird was recovered by the Rural Crime Team (RCT), who are investigating the unexplained death of a goshawk which was found in the Brecon area on Sunday,” the force said in a statement.

If you have any information that would help our investigation, contact the RCT and cite incident number 288 of April 10.

The death is the second such occurrence involving a goshawk in Powys in recent weeks. In March, police began investigating the death of a northern goshawk found in the Llanidloes area.

The bird’s body was discovered on Saturday March 26 and was also being treated as unexplained.


Believed to have been exterminated from the UK in the 1800s by gamekeepers and egg collectors, goshawks have been recolonizing since the 1960s, through releases and escapes from falconry birds . Up to 430 pairs now breed here.

In the UK they do best in large forest plantations and generally prefer areas as far away from humans as possible. Goshawks (Old English for “goose-hawk”) are more likely to hunt hares, rabbits, squirrels, waterfowl, game birds, corvids and pigeons, and will crash through vegetation at pursuit and even will continue on foot.


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