Preventing birds from crashing into windows in the spring – Winnipeg


In spring, when temperatures fluctuate the most, birds are more likely to fly directly into windows.

“Some of these birds came all the way from South America, so it took them two months of travel to get here,” said Sherrie Versluis, owner of the favorite perch bird supply store down the road. St. Mary’s in Winnipeg.

Every day, 6 to 8 million birds die flying into windows in North America, according to Versluis.

Nicola Koper is a professor of natural resources at the University of Manitoba. She studies why birds act this way.

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“We have a huge number of birds flying in the windows during the migration period, I find, especially in the spring. And the birds may be tired from their flight, but also very busy and eager to start breeding.

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Koper says that makes them particularly vulnerable to potential accidents.

“We are losing so many birds to window collisions that we think it may affect the actual population trends of many species. Especially songbirds, warblers and a variety of other species at risk as well.

Birds can’t see past the reflection, so having all your lights turned off indoors is the best way to help flying creatures avoid an accident.

Versluis sells many products that can help reduce bird collisions with windows.

Sherrie Versluis, owner of the favorite roosting supply store on St. Mary’s Road, showing various products that can be used to protect against bird collisions with windows.

“These are the silhouette devils of a bird of prey. As the birds fly into your window, it looks like they are about to be grabbed by predators. So they will swerve to avoid.

“It’s a more non-intrusive type of decal. It’s a clear decal that to the human eye is just a shadow. But there’s an ultraviolet film on it,” she said. for follow-up.

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