Scottish runner climbs 33 Munros in ONE DAY as 99-mile, 29,000-foot expedition breaks records



A RUNNING coach managed to take 33 Munros in one day to Scotland.

After starting early Saturday morning, Kim Collison ran over 99 miles and climbed over 29,000 feet to wrest the record for most Munros climbs in 24 hours.


Kim Collison ran over 99 miles and climbed over 29,000 feet

The 41-year-old finished after grueling 23 hours and 48 minutes climbing 33 Munros in Cairngorms National Park in the Highlands of Scotland.

Kim, of Mungrisdale, Cumbria, added the 4,251-foot Braeriach in the monster race to break Alexander Cheplin’s previous record of 32 last year.

The expedition, which took two months to prepare, consisted of five different stages and included more than 12 sailors and friends to take Kim forward.

A video clip shows Kim gushing out at high speed from her starting point at Invercauld Bridge near Braemar, Aberdeenshire.


Another video shows the entourage of runners running from the side of a mountain into a valley where they are surrounded by the extreme slopes of the Cairngorms.

A final clip shows Kim returning to the bridge at the end of her run after completing the record.

He crawls over the brown gravel where he meets his friends and family who are waiting for him.

Kim then stops his watch before raising his arms in the air and embracing the moment as he soaks up his incredible accomplishment.

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Cranford Guest House Braemar then congratulated Kim on Facebook on Sunday, writing: “Kudos to Kim Collison for breaking Munro’s 24 hour record.

“33 Munro in 23 hours 48 minutes.

“Departure and arrival at Brig o ‘Dee.

“Incredible performance. “

The post has now garnered over 800 likes with hundreds of comments and dozens of shares from Facebook users who were impressed with the huge race.

Laurie Falconer wrote, “Wow. Astonishing. Congratulations to you.”

Sean Lawson said: “Amazing, it’s amazing.”

Paul Allan commented: “Unbelievable, but how is it even humanly possible?

Mark Little replied: “A fantastic achievement! Well done.”

Speaking today, Kim said, “I started off with fresh legs and enthusiasm and we started off at a pretty fast pace.

“By the last stop, it was dark, foggy and raining.

“I was tired and sleepy and wanted to throw up.

“I felt like I couldn’t go on.

“I had to try to find everything I had to continue because I was about to fall.

“I wasn’t really sure where it would go, especially with the weather.

“A navigation error and we would have wasted too much time.

“I thought it would be so much easier to quit, but somehow I kept going.

“When I finished I had the happiest smile on my face.

“That feeling when you push yourself to the limit to accomplish something you didn’t know made me so proud.

“No matter where you are in life, I think it’s one of the best drugs in the world.”

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