Sea eagles fly over Killy-Bass


Nathan Foote kicks under pressure from Inverloch’s Lachlan Johnson. Pictures: Aiden box/Pictures without box.

By Aiden Box

INVERLOCH KONGWAK bloodied two more debutants in Campbell Scott and Callan O’Flynn and hosted Kilcunda-Bass on the road.

The hosts broke into the blocks and were able to reunite with their spearhead Tristan Van Driel, who drew first blood early.

The Panthers lifted the pressure gauge for the rest of the quarter, stifling IK’s run until O’Flynn had a chance to score his first senior football goal.

He really kicked ass, sending his friends behind the goals in a frenzy and lifting his teammates as they overwhelmed him.

Feeling full of energy, Oscar Toussaint was able to get out of the center and Van Driel netted his second, finding a third soon after thanks to superb follow-up from Campbell Scott.

In the absence of Marcus Toussaint, the rookie looked right at home handling ruck duties, making an impact around the ground with his skill and speed.

Taylor Gibson was able to fire home a major in response for the visitors, and Marcus Baxter’s clever choke and pocket snap reduced the lead to 12 at the quarter.

Nathan Foote was excellent in midfield for Kilcunda-Bass, netting another Baxter goal to reduce the lead to 15.

After a brief stalemate, Jarvis Pryor unleashed a beautiful inside kick leading to Ethan Park’s first.

That game seemed to open up the hosts’ run and haul, as Corey Casey won his first and Joe Soumilas converted from deep.

The Sea Eagles took a 34-point lead into the main break, the Panthers were ready for the fight.

The third term began with a strong push from the visitors as Shem Hawking and the IK defense pushed back.

The young Sea Eagles began to leave their mark on the game and boost their older teammates as Park finished beautifully for his second and the first of the third.

Another Van Driel goal pushed the lead to 59, but it was the visitors who won the next major as Baxter kicked in his third.

But it was all IK to complete the term as Oscar Toussaint and Casey began to wreak havoc in midfield.

Lachlan Scott and Clark finished the quarter with majors to their names, Sea Eagle’s lead was 66 at the final break.

The last term started with more running and carrying IK from the defense, but a strong counter attack from Kilcunda-Bass.

The ball flipped for much of the quarter, until Johnson bravely came back under 50 and converted his second of the day.

Clark was able to add his fifth as the siren sounded on a triumphant 92-point victory for IK, they will look to repeat the dose next week at Garfield.

A brave effort from Kilcunda-Bass, they will host Bunyip next weekend.


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