The 10 best fights in the Predator franchise


Since its initial release on Hulu on August 5, fans of the Predator franchise were thrilled with Dan Trachtenberg Prey, which is the last film in the franchise. A film praised for its action sequences – among others – Prey is one of the best action films of the year, featuring plenty of large-scale combat sequences and one-on-one battles.

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PreyExceptional fight sequences are common for Predator franchise, and many great fights have taken place throughout its history. Whether it’s a quick battle with little significance or the ultimate final fight that the whole movie was built for, the Predator the franchise is overrun with great fight scenes.

ten The ultimate predator made a statement against. The fugitive

While not the franchise’s strongest entry, Shane Black The predator includes a handful of awesome action sequences. At the top of the list is the brief but epic showdown between the Ultimate Predator and the Fugitive Predator. In the movie, after chasing the Fugitive Predator, the Ultimate Predator comes to earth to follow its target.

When the two come face to face, the Fugitive fires several shots from his Plasmacaster, but the Ultimate Predator’s speed allows him to easily dodge them all. The Ultimate Predator then lifts the Fugitive off the ground, slamming him through a car and crushing his head. While this fight was unexpected, it had a significant impact on the plot as it suddenly introduced the most powerful Yautja the franchise had seen.

9 Wolf vs. The Predalien Ended Aliens Vs. Predator

Similar to The predatorthe Straus brothers Aliens vs. Predator – Requiem is a film with many problems, but the action and fight sequences are not one of them. Although the film’s plot falls well below the standards of both Predator and Extraterrestrial franchises, the film features some undoubtedly impressive fight sequences.

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Chief among these awesome fights is the film’s final showdown: Wolf vs. the Predalien. Meeting on the roof, Wolf and the Predalien launch numerous violent attacks on each other. Although this fight was technically the final of the Aliens vs Predator movies, the battle ended in a stalemate as a nuclear bomb killed both before either could claim victory. Although a tie is disappointing on the surface, it indicates that the battle would probably never have ended with a clear winner.

8 Mike Made Franchise History Vs. The Town Hunter

The first sequel to Predator Stephen Hopkins franchise Predator 2 completely changed the setting of the franchise. Move things out of the jungle and into the busy streets of LA, Predator 2 showed fans just how effective a Yautja fighter could be even when deep in enemy territory.

Whereas Predator 2 Departed from many aspects of the original film, it follows the plan of an epic, one-on-one, human versus Yautja showdown. In a massive moment for the franchise, Mike killing the City Hunter was the first time a human killed a Yautja without the aid of elaborate traps and self-destruction.

seven Wild Predator Vs. Taabe Inspired Naru

A film that fans praise as the return to form of the franchise, that of Dan Trachtenberg Prey includes some of the most impressive action sequences the franchise has seen. Thanks to excellent editing, a justifiable amount of CGI, and a fantastic practical costume, the Feral Predator in Prey seems more athletic and physically capable than most of the other Yautja in the franchise.

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While the Feral Predator engages in numerous skirmishes throughout the film, its encounter with Taabe stands out. With Naru providing distractions, Taabe landed several hits on the Feral Predator at close and long range before finally meeting its demise. Although Taabe’s death was an emotional moment, it provided Naru with the motivation to defeat the Predator.

6 Hanzo and Falconer had a samurai-type showdown

Hanzo vs. Nimrod Antal’s Falconer predators is a samurai-style showdown, and certainly a unique fight in the franchise. Taking place in an open space with the two standing at a respective distance apart, the entire sequence looks like something out of a classic Kurosawa film, which embraces the traditions of samurai cinema.

A fight that takes the campy aspect of the franchise, Hanzo vs. Falconer is action sci-fi taken to the next level. It features a sword fight between a gangster and an alien on an alien planet. Besides being incredibly unique, the battle has a perfect ending and both die after landing critical hits simultaneously.

5 Royce vs. Berserker combining strategy and brutality

Another great fight predators, Royce vs. the Berserker served as the film’s epic conclusion. In a strategic battle, Royce, one of the best characters in the Predator franchise, adopted a similar technique used by Dutch in the first Predator film.

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Rather than immediately facing Yautja – as Mike did in Predator 2 – Royce used many complex traps and traps to weaken the Berserker before he engaged in close combat. Although Royce ultimately emerged victorious at the end of this fight, he only survived because Isabelle saved his life with a last-second sniper shot that distracted the Berserker.

4 Celtic vs. Encapsulated Grid The Yautja/Xenomorph Rivalry

The best thing to come out of Alien vs Predator movies, Celtic vs Grid by Paul WS Anderson Alien vs Predator is the most epic showdown between a Yautja and Xenomorph audience ever seen. It’s a great battle for many reasons. On the one hand, Celtic vs Grid has good choreography, well-executed special effects, and an epic tone needed for such an encounter.

Fully accepting the circumstances that allow a film as Alien vs Predator to exist, the fight is full of over-the-top action and sums up why Yautja considers Xenomorphs their most worthy prey. While Celtic vs. Grid isn’t the only Yautja/Xenomorph fight fans have seen, Grid’s victory over Celtic remains a focal point in fans’ debate between the power of Yautja and Xenomorphs.

3 Wild predator fought a grizzly

A fight alongside Hanzo against Falconer in terms of individuality, the Feral Hunter against the Grizzlie Bear is a raw display of savage combat. The most vicious fight the franchise has ever seen, this fight set a violent tone for Dan Trachtenberg’s 3rd act Prey.

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Although the battles in the Predator movies are brutal, they tend to lean more towards strategy and execution than brute force. However, that is not the case in this fight, which is a display of primal, unwavering energy that clashes with no intention of looking for a way out. When the Feral Predator won the fight, bathing its face in bear blood, fans immediately knew it would take something extraordinary to defeat the Feral Predator.

2 Naru beat the wild predator with pure strategy

The epic conclusion of Prey, Naru vs. the Feral Predator is a well-executed fight from top to bottom. A critical moment for Naru, the Feral Predator served as his self-assigned test to prove his worth as a hunter for his tribe.

Although the people of Naru’s tribe told her that she was too weak to hunt, Naru proved that sometimes a great hunter doesn’t need to have overwhelming strength. Using strategies she learned and tested throughout the film, Naru lured the Feral Hunter into the perfect trap and killed it with her own technology.

1 Dutch against. The Jungle Hunter is the best fight in the franchise

Sometimes you can’t beat the original. The best fight in the franchise, Dutch vs the Jungle Hunter in John McTiernan’s Predator set the bar high for all sequels. It’s a fight that provides exciting insight into Yautja’s behavior, and this battle developed the character of the Jungle Hunter considerably.

Showing him as a warrior who, when he encounters a match, drops his Plasmacaster – one of the most iconic weapons in the Predator frankness – it shows how Yautja is somewhat honorable in battle and takes confrontations seriously. Even once the Jungle Hunter realized he was defeated, he committed suicide rather than die at the hands of the Dutch, as it was probably the only way to protect his pride.

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