The 12 best movie scores to write on



Whether you’re writing a novel, screenplay, or essay, there are times when creativity temporarily stops flowing. A good way to find inspiration? Listen to great film music. However, not just any movie soundtrack will do. It’s best to avoid songs with lyrics, as they will likely prevent you from forming your own phrases. But a purely instrumental score will help create the right atmosphere for your writing project.

It is also important to recognize your own tastes and habits when choosing a sheet music to listen to. Are you motivated by epic and epic scores that fill you with emotion? Then you should check something The theory of everything. Or do you prefer to listen to a minimalist and thoughtful score that makes you sit with your thoughts? If so, then a track of Moonlight would be better suited. Those empowered by fast and exciting sheet music will be drawn to the feverish synthesizers of Good time. Below you’ll find the best film music for writing, ranging from sweet and contemplative to bold and impenetrable.

From period plays to sci-fi epics, these films have incredible sheet music that makes the perfect soundtrack for a day of writing at home, in the office, or in your favorite coffee shop. These scores have the power to transport you to another location, or simply to another open space. Just pull out the notepad (or laptop), hit play on one of those instrumental soundtracks, and let the writing begin.

The 12 best movie scores to write

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