The Best New Knives and EDCs of May 2022


Considering daily transport equipment as seasonal may seem strange to some. After all, if you get a kit you love, chances are you’ll be using it for years at a time. But sometimes a new release fills a niche you might not have known you had. And some gear is better suited to certain times of the year, like umbrellas for spring and sunglasses for summer. So yes, EDC can in fact be and often is quite seasonal.

Take this overview as an example. Of course, there are some solid deals you could take home from January to December. But many of these items are suited to the changing weather, going from dark and dark to warm and welcoming – lightweight tools, sleek new knives that look great in the spring sunshine, and even a way to stay hydrated while enjoying nature.

Something that cannot be discussed? This suite of new releases is worth your hard-earned money and a spot among the rest of your loadout.

The James Kline brand

The James brand

GRT is back, folks! Once again, the brand has outdone itself with this upcoming release, an American-made workhorse knife featuring a 3.5-inch MagnaCut blade (the cutlery world’s darling new material), a Slide-Lock mechanism and Micarta scales. You can sign up to be notified when he drops – and expect the accolades to roll in once he does. This might be the best new knife of 2022.


Butte du CRKT

crkt mound


Lucas Burnley is a legend in both the cutlery and everyday carry worlds, and the Butte is a glimpse of why. Available in two versions – the standard edition in D2 and G10 steel and a highly upgraded S35VN steel and ragged carbon fiber version – this unmistakable Burnley knife features Flavio Ikoma’s unbeatable IKBS ball bearing system for deployment in fin smoothness, a heavy-duty, single-lock deadbolt, and an EDC-compatible low-profile design.

Price: $125 to $300


Sawyer Bottled Water Filtration System

sawyer bottle water filtration system


Staying hydrated is a necessity whether you’re commuting to work or out on the trails. Either way, you’ll be better off with the Sawyer bottle system you see here. Rated for 100,000 gallons of water, this user-friendly 24-ounce bottle features a built-in filter that removes at least 99.9999% of all bacteria, protozoa, microplastics and more from almost any water source.

Price: $36


Victorinox Cadet Swiss Spirit 2022

victorinox cadet spirit swiss 2022


This nice little limited edition multi-tool has 11 functions, including a blade, can opener, screwdriver and bottle opener. In fact, if you count the relief images featuring some of Switzerland’s most famous sights, including Grossmünster and the Federal Palace, you have a dozen. The last being “conversation piece”, of course.

Price: $52


Helle Raud M

helle raud m


While Helle has been making beautiful knives for 90 years, the Scandinavian brand has only been making shirts for three years. You wouldn’t guess it from this beauty, featuring a 2.71-inch drop-point blade made from corrosion-resistant, edge-retaining Sandvik 12C27 stainless steel. An attractive 3.7-inch birch wood handle allows for a firm four-finger grip, but if you fancy a lower profile, Helle also offers a smaller version.

Price: $149


Wren River Hawk

wren river hawk


The private label team at Bespoke Post recently dropped off this dashing USA-made brief featuring grippy G10 scales, a thumb stud for one-handed deployment, and a custom 440A modified stainless steel drop point blade 3 inch that resists rust and corrosion. Take it on your next fishing trip and pray for half the success of the ferocious bird of prey that gives it its name, the osprey.

Price: $55


Gerber Chonk

jerk chonk


GP’s love of Gerber’s humble Shard is well documented. The equally aptly named Chonk offers many of the same features, including small and large flathead drivers, wire cutter and bottle opener. But you also get more leverage in the lever, plus a nail puller, a pocket clip and, frankly, a bit more style.

Price: $25


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