The deer calmly grazes as the cheetah tries to attack. See what happens next


The natural behavior of any herbivorous animal like deer would be to start sprinting as soon as it sees a predator heading towards it. However, a video is making the rounds on the internet, in which a deer can ironically be seen grazing without any care even as a cheetah stands inches away. The viral video was shared by Indian Forest Service officer Susanta Nanda on March 12. Netizens are amazed to see the cheetah sneak up on the deer separated by a flimsy-looking wired fence.

We see on the video that the predator leaps in front of the small deer, but the latter remains indifferent and continues to eat the grass without even flinching. In an effort to break through the fence, the big cat unsuccessfully tries to bite through the fine wires, but the three-legged deer continues to stand in one spot and enjoy its meal. A woman in the background can be heard laughing as she says to the deer, “What’s wrong with you? It’s something that can eat you.” While tweeting the video, the IFS officer jokingly wrote, “Cheetah window shopping…”

Needless to say, the viral video has been viewed over 65.4k times and garnered over 4k likes since it was shared. Many wondered why the predator did not jump over the fence and jump on the prey, because the height of the fence was very short.

Amazed by the deer’s confidence, one user wrote, “How confident is the deer? ! Another user commented, “This deer has more intelligence than the cheetah. He can understand the barriers between them. A third wrote: “I want the trust of this deer in my life!

Although the exact source of the video is unknown, it appears to have been recorded at an animal sanctuary, where wild animals are kept in open enclosures.

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