The Falconeer: Warrior Edition Review (PS5)


The Falconeer was an equally ambitious and mind-boggling project that skyrocketed last year on the screens and hearts of many gamers. Riding giant hawks in an almost open world, winning adrenaline-filled fights and uncovering all the cleverly hidden secrets was the winning bet of a single developer who put together the entire game. Warrior Edition promises yet another experience. more remarkable over the current generation with all the additional content in one package.

It was to be expected that the first year of the PS5 and Xbox Series X lifecycle would see a series of remasters, collections, and remakes. Beyond AAA titles, there are also indie games that have tried to get a new lease of life by conquering the current generation. Among them is The Falconeer, a game which, despite its problems, is widely regarded as an independent masterpiece, as it was developed by one man.

Members of modding communities or Skyrim fans don’t need to introduce Tomas Sala, since his mod, Moonpath to Elsweyr, gave us the opportunity to visit the Khajit homeland. Even more spectacular was his work on the Falconner, a game that offers a different fantasy universe, The Great Ursee.

It is a beautiful but harsh world, ruled by endless seas, where the lives of the inhabitants are concentrated in settlements erected on cliffs and a handful of islands. This unusual world could not exist without the presence of falconers, trained warriors riding giant flying creatures, who settle their differences by harnessing the power of lightning.

You’ll experience everything the games had to offer in over 40 missions, which can be completed in around 15 hours. Variety remains a key element, as you learn about the Kingdom of Great Ursee from different angles and understand history through the political machinations of the different factions.

You will progress from the first messaging missions to grandiose battles, where you will decimate entire fleets with the support of the army of which you are a part. As the plot and intrigue thickens you will attack strongholds and as your diplomatic influence expands you will be able to tackle side missions as well.

You’ll need to tackle secondary content as much as possible if you want your falconer to be in top shape and equipped with decent gear. Your character development doesn’t keep pace with the main missions, and without delving deep into the world you’ll often find yourself not only outnumbered, but under-prepared.

In order to manage the increasingly difficult battles, you will have to develop your weapons by relying on the power of lightning, but also on the skills of your mount of confidence through mutagens or different amulets.

The main problem is that the side missions are built on the same model, and they will turn out to be quite boring and absolutely repetitive. Without exception, you will be tasked with flying up to a point to defeat a number of opposing falconers and possibly return with heavy cargo which seriously limits your sailing possibilities. As a result, hunting down the different collectibles and discovering new locations often feels like a chore and will frustrate players who are hoping for an open world experience.

On the other hand, the combat system is intuitive and after mastering it, it holds the promise of exciting dog fights. The AI ​​is balanced and on normal difficulty, it will be a challenge to keep your fragile creature alive. Your opponents are pretty precise and behave rather aggressively, turning combat into a challenge.

Fortunately, the control system is up to the task, and once you’ve mastered the various moves, it’s up to your skill to come out victorious in even-level confrontations. But you have to keep in mind that you are piloting a creature and not a fighter plane, so you will not only feel the currents but also the nose-down necessary to gain speed. And since the world of Grand Ursee is not small, getting from point A to point B can be a long task.

Progressing through the game and improving your hawk’s abilities will open up new moves and make things more interesting. The Warrior Edition comes with all additional content, including Hunter DLC and Edge of the World. As such, the new version comes with a new player class with a flyable Ormir dragon and pyro pot guided rocket set, along with three additional side quests and new boss encounters.

It might not seem like much, but the price isn’t high either, and this edition offers the best experience both visually and in terms of performance. The PS5 version is gorgeous and has a stable frame rate in 4K 60fps mode. The most notable aspect is that the games have full haptic feedback and take full advantage of the capabilities of DualSense – which is no small feat considering the size of the development team.

The falconer


  • Engaging atmosphere
  • A semi-open world full of secrets
  • Solid gameplay and controls

The bad

  • Lots of empty spaces
  • The difficulty can be daunting
  • Side missions lack variety


Overall, The Falconeer: Warrior Edition remains the same game with a great vibe, beautiful visuals, but gameplay that isn’t as engaging as we would have hoped. It’s still a remarkable achievement for a man, and the game, while not perfect, is definitely worth a try.

Despite the fact that sometimes the pace is a bit off, due to the large empty crossing sections, and the difficulty level can be inconsistent, soaring skyward on the back of your trusty mount is a once in a lifetime experience. .

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