The Los Angeles school receives an unexpected visitor on the first day; Coyote roams a classroom



The first day of a school year is often full of excitement as children go through a wide range of emotions. There is also a feeling of excitement about making new friends, taking the school bus, participating in countless educational activities among many other things. However, recently the first day of class for students at a school in Los Angeles turned out to be a little too “exciting” for some unusual reason. A coyote had entered the school premises and made his way to the eighth grade class, where he had sat on a table in the corner of the room. This led to the interruption of classes before the wild animal was safely removed by the animal control team.

Coyote’s presence left everyone in shock

According to reports, on Wednesday August 18, the school administration, including the teachers, was in the hall of the school at around 7:30 a.m. They were awaiting the arrival of the students on the first day, when the wild animal made its entrance, leaving everyone in shock and fear. However, school authorities said the animal did not harm anyone and was safely removed from the school. Wildlife expert Jennifer Brent said coyotes and other wildlife often roam urban areas due to drought conditions caused by climate change. She also added that people should refrain from feeding a coyote or domesticating it as a pet, as they are known to be aggressive and can cause serious harm.

Wildlife suffers from drought in California

Since last year, California has experienced extreme drought conditions since last year. The situation has forced wildlife to suffer and die and climate experts say people have played a role in it as well. Showing his concern, Brent said, “If humans don’t improve, the day wouldn’t be so far away when we say goodbye to the last finch, to the last giraffe, to the last elephant.” It should be noted here that the coyote is smaller than its close relative, the wolf, and native to North America. They are also found in large numbers in Mexico and Central America.

Image Credit: Pixabay / Representative

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