The Radnor Raptors logo is now ready for official use: see the reveal video


RADNOR TOWNSHIP, PA – The Radnor Raptors are the new official name and logo for Radnor Middle School and High School and the logo is ready for use, the Radnor Township School District announced Friday.

Radnor High School and Radnor Middle School are proud to unveil the new official ‘Radnor Raptors’ bird of prey logo as well as an official standalone ‘R’ logo inspired by the ‘R’ logo design currently used by many school teams and groups, ”RTSD said in a Sept. 17 statement.

As approved by the Radnor Township School Board in April 2021, Varsity Brands LLC designed the new official logos. The design process officially began in early July 2021 after the Raptors mascot was approved by the board on June 29, following the results of surveys of students in Grades 8 to 12, 11 and June 14.

RTSD has released a timeline for the rebranding project tracing the process from last fall to today’s announcement.

In June, the school district announced the finalists: Griffins / Gryphons, “R” for Radnor, Raptors and Ruckus got the top votes, and Raptors was added by the administration after a student survey showed that over a third of respondents indicated the Raptors were their best new nickname option.

The decision to change the name came after a September 2, 2020 vote by the RTSD School Board to remove Radnor High School’s past nickname and mascot, Raiders, along with its related Native American images. Read Patch’s report on that decision here.

With input from student representatives from RHS and RMS, the Bird of Prey logo has grown from 10 initial sketches provided by Varsity Brands in late July 2021 to six sketches through to the final version. Student representatives also provided feedback on the design of the font.

The new official logos come with a new official font that can be used to spell the names of teams and groups on request. New official badges for RHS and RMS are also available. The new RHS and RMS badges do not replace the traditional RHS “Knowledge Augmentationth Wisdom” seal or the RMS “Initials” seal, but provide another option for stakeholders.

To see the new official logos, go here. To watch the logo reveal video, go here.

RTSD said brand new official logos are available for teams and groups upon district approval, in accordance with RTSD school board policy. Existing district and school seals are also available: see here.

“As a district, we are committed to building on the pride and spirit of our students and our schools and we are thrilled to be moving forward as One Radnor!” the District told the community.

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