The Warwick Castle sea eagle has returned home after escaping for a week


MARVIN’s adventures are over after the sea eagle is safely returned to Warwick Castle.

Steller’s sea eagle failed to reunite with its keepers after appearing on the Falconer’s Quest show from the castle on Friday July 29.

As reported by HeraldMarvin, 11, had been spotted in a few places in South Warwickshire, including Stratford.

Marvin is back at Warwick Castle (58490189)

After a week of consecutive sightings, Chief Falconer Chris O’Donnell managed to find Marvin just before nightfall on Friday August 5 in a field in the village of Hellidon, south-west of Daventry.

Chris said: “When we arrived Marvin flew straight in to see us screaming and calling. He landed on the glove and was delighted to see that the van was already full of delicious food for the trip home.

He added: “Nikita, Marvin’s girlfriend, has been biting her ear off all morning. We’re guessing he’s been scolded for taking a whole week’s vacation without her.

“We are delighted and relieved to have Marvin home and safe and would like to thank everyone for sharing our posts and reporting their sightings. You have been a huge help.

Marvin is back at Warwick Castle (58490191)
Marvin is back at Warwick Castle (58490191)

During his adventures, Marvin has been spotted in Stratford, Barford and Hampton Lucy.

A statement from Warwick Castle added: ‘All birds of prey at the castle are highly trained by the expert team of falconers and have strong bonds with their handlers. It is exceptionally rare for any of the birds to take flight for long periods.

Marvin’s girlfriend Nikita had a vacation of her own when she went missing in 2018 and was later found in Hill Wootton.


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