The week that crossed Aotearoa


Photography by Donna Falconer, Nathan Wakley, Logan Yandle, Shaun Tunny, Kane Everson, Kearnan Murphy and Dom Zapata

There’s a saying that any time of the day, the surf is cooking somewhere. Now you can very easily apply this theory to New Zealand, with its multifaceted coastline, open to all swell directions. Somewhere also has to be offshore, there are even corners that are groomed cleanly in the same relentless wind that brings the swell to its shore, think about it. You can almost guarantee that on any given day in this wonderful land, someone rides a fun wave, or that wave breaks and no one even knows about it.

Here’s a short visual walkthrough of some waves that have graced our shores over the past 10 days.

Wild beauty deep in the South last Tuesday. Photo: Falconer

There’s this fun wave breaking, at least one guy knows that. Photo: Murphy

Johnny Hicks made the most of some early morning ramps in Gisborne this time around last week. Photo: tuna

You know that magnet that will always find a tube, even when it’s far from hollow. Chris Malone is that magnet, a lot. Photo: tuna

Yes, we know, it’s Mount Maunganui again, but that couldn’t be denied. The BOP has really shined over the past month. Photo: Everson

You know a spot is hot property when someone drives four hours from Taranaki every week to surf it. Mitch Tamati lays down a line. Photo: Everson

If you like fishing, you might have your eyes glued to the ledge in the background, but hey, those two wedges would probably give the same rush as a solid kingi stroke all the same. Photo: Everson

Taranaki took advantage of clean and calm conditions just before this strong SW pulse that went up the country towards the Pacific islands. Jarrod Hancox. Photo: Yandle

Michael Schuetze dropping the hammer on a more familiar windswept surf highway canvas. Photo: Yandle

Rory Goodchap is a cool kid and a damn cool tuberider too. Photo: Everson

Above: We removed this camera from today’s shoot at Mangawhai Heads on Sunday, April 24. Very well surfed!

Gianluca Semeraro has traveled out of Raglan to find another mythical left that looks good just like Raglan. Minus the other 100 surfers in the lineup. Photo: Zapata

Mount Maunganui’s poor old main beach is a wave the locals love to hate, but I bet you wouldn’t hesitate to swing on that left. Photo: Wakley

Jeffrey Griffiths enjoys a bumper autumn in the Bay of Plenty. After a few years of minimal swell and light winds, it looks like it’s finally doing what it’s known for. Photo: Everson

What’s in store for the week ahead: Northland East | West Auckland | Raglan | Taranaki | Bay of Abundance | Coromandel | Gisborne | Hawkes Bay | Christchurch | Dunedin


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