There’s a random monkey on the loose around Portland, Maine


Maybe he’s the most patriotic monkey in America?

If you were around Portland on Monday, specifically in the Tandem Coffee and Bakery area on Congress Street, you might have seen a show you’re just not used to or one that made you feel like you were losing your mind. head. Because there would have been a monkey rolling the dice on his life and running past passing cars.

A post on the Portland, Maine Facebook group by Anna McMurchy recounted her experience with the random monkey on the loose, which she quickly mistook for a chipmunk at first.

“This may sound crazy, but is anyone missing a monkey?? I was driving my friend to the bus station on Monday, and as we drove through downtown near Tandem Coffee and Bakery, a little creature crossed the road in front of my car. At first I thought it must be a squirrel (it was too big to be a chipmunk) but as we got closer I saw it had a round head, funny d ears and a thin little tail. I thought I was crazy if my friend hadn’t seen it too and gasped, ‘Is that a monkey?!’ We googled it and it looks like a baby rhesus macaque. Has anyone else seen anything similar downtown? It really threw us into a loop.”

Animal Control has been contacted

Although some commenters are urging animal control not to be called for fear the monkey will be euthanized, a Mainer in the thread mentioned contacting animal control at the request of the exotic wildlife sanctuary. As of now, the monkey appears to still be on the loose and it is unclear if he is still near Tandem Coffee and Bakery.

Claudette Bleijenberg

Claudette Bleijenberg

If you meet the monkey, do not engage and call Greater Portland Animal Shelter League at 207-854-9771 with location information.

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