Thirty-eight boars killed for causing nuisance: environment secretary


Local authorities killed 38 feral pigs last Wednesday which caused a nuisance in or around urban and residential areas, the environment secretary said.

Environment Secretary Wong Kam-sing said incidents of feral pigs appearing and causing nuisance in urban areas have occurred more frequently in recent years, while cases of injuries caused by feral pigs have also showed a noticeable increase.

Wong said that since the new measures were announced, a total of 38 wild boars have been euthanized.

Since November 12 last year, the Department of Agriculture, Fisheries and Conservation has been regularly capturing and killing wild boar in urban areas to reduce their numbers and the nuisance they cause.

He said the upward trend made it clear that feral pigs were already an extremely serious threat to public safety.

“Of the 45 wild pig injury cases recorded over the past 10 years, more than 80% occurred between 2018 and 2021,” he added.

He also said the department is considering amending the Wildlife Protection Ordinance to expand the no-feeding zone and tighten feeding control to minimize the pull factor attracting animals. feral pigs to urban areas.

“The maximum penalty is currently a fine of HK$10,000,” Wong said. “Given the relatively small fine – ranging from HK$200 to HK$2,000 – in previous cases, the department will study to increase it to enhance the deterrent effect.”

Since last November, the AFCD has launched a public education campaign through social media and posters at MTR stations, tram and bus stops, educating people not to feed wild boars.

The campaign pointed out that feeding the animals would change their behavior by getting them used to wandering in urban areas and to waste collection points for food. This behavior could affect the hygiene of the environment, lead to traffic accidents, transmit diseases and even make them more aggressive.

He pointed out that more than 40 victims have been recorded in about 30 cases of injuries caused by feral pigs in the past four years.

The authorities are also said to have considered improving the design of the bins to prevent wild boars from looking for food in the outdoor waste.

Two improved models of litter boxes, which can be fixed to the ground or street lights respectively, can effectively prevent wild pigs from pushing on them and looking for food inside.

Wong said the AFCD has submitted the results to relevant departments for consideration and will gradually install them in appropriate places according to actual circumstances.


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