This Lucknow candidate decides to open a Chinese restaurant with the prize money; asks Amitabh Bachchan to inaugurate it

Kaun Banega Crorepati’s final episode 13 began with Amitabh Bachchan welcoming competitor Aman Bajpai, a 23-year-old boy from Lucknow.

Big B starts the game with him and reads the first question for Rs 1000. What word would complete this proverb, “Dimaag Mein __ Hona” which means silly? And the answer was: Bhoosa. Mr. Bachchan presents the following two questions for Rs 2,000 and Rs 3,000 in front of Aman and he answers them correctly. He then plays an intro video on Aman in which he can just be seen lazing around. Aman is affectionately referred to as Shubul by his parents and they share how lazy and greedy he is. Aman calls himself his mother’s magarmach. Aman reveals that he wants to start a Chinese restaurant with the amount he earns from KBC 13. His intro video and conversation make Big B laugh out loud.

Amitabh Bachchan then asks the fourth question for Rs 5,000: which Hindi word means love? And Aman responded with the correct answer: Anurag.

He manages to overcome the first hurdle by answering this question: Aman was shown a video of a Kehno Ke Jashne Bahara from the movie Jodha Akbar and asked: the actor in this video plays the role of which leader? The answer was Akbar.

Big B chats with Aman and asks him if he has a girlfriend and the latter shares that he doesn’t believe in relationships because he thinks a person goes fake when they go out with someone. He gives a hilarious example of a friend and mimics the “babu shona” moment. Amitabh Bachchan laughs after hearing it.

The host of KBC 13 then asks the following question for Rs 20,000. According to the scriptures, what characteristic led Kumbhakarna to be so named? Aman responds quickly: Pot Like Ears. Big B teases Aman and says that few of his qualities match those of Kumbhakarna.

Aman needs help with the following question for Rs 40,000 and he uses the “Public Poll” lifeline to answer this question: Which cricket pitch is popularly known as “Gabba”? The answer was: Brisbane Cricket Ground. He wins the amount.

Aman is not sure of the answer to the next question and so he decides to take the help of another “Turn the question” lifeline for Rs 80,000: The question was: What is this salt lake located at lowest point on Earth that makes it impossible for people to sink? He takes the correct guess for “Dead Sea” when Big B asks him to, before deciding on his topic of interest. Aman selects “My City My State” and the question asked was: what variety of mango would be from a village near Kakori in Lucknow? He accurately answers the question: Dasheri and wins the amount.

Big B reads the following question for Rs 1,60,000: What is the title of the biography of this actor-politician released in 2016? And Aman gives the correct answer: Everything except Khamosh

Aman goes on to confidently answer the following question also for Rs 3 20,000. The question was: what new banknote, issued by the RBI does not have the motif of any historical monument on its reverse? His answer was Rs 2000.

Big B asks Aman what he will give his parents with his first gain of Rs 3 20,000. He shares that he would like to give his mother a new sari and his father a ball in the amount he won up to. ‘now. Aman continues to entertain Amitabh Bachchan with his conversation and explains how his parents never let him listen to music. Every time he puts chords in his ears, they start calling him. Big B bursts out laughing as he listens to Aman. The young boy reveals his goal of coming to KBC 13. He shares that he wants to open a Chinese restaurant and even his father is ready to support him. He even talks about what he plans to name his restaurant. He says that if he wins a crore, he will name his restaurant “Crorepati Cafe” or Crorepati Mishtan Bhandar. Aman asks Mr. Bachchan for a promise. He asks her to come for the grand opening of his restaurant whenever this happens. Big B fortunately obliged.

The megastar presents the next question for Rs 6 40,000 in front of Aman. In March 2021, which Indian politician became the first sitting MP to be promoted to captain of the Territorial Army? The answer was Anurag Thakur and after much thought, Aman gives the correct answer and wins the amount.

Big B asks the following question for Rs 12.50,000 and although Aman was sure of his answer he ended up using two 50-50 lifelines and Ask The Expert due to the confusion. The question was: an engineer named Nils Bohlin developed the modern 3 pilot seat belt while working for which company? The answer was: Volvo. Aman wins Rs 12 50,000.

Mr. Bachchan then presented the 13th question for Rs 25.00000 in front of Aman but as he was not confident and his answer he decided to leave the game. The question was: in office between 1993 and 1996, who was the first president of the National Human Rights Commission? The answer was: Judge Ranganath Misra.

Aman returns home with the cash prize of Rs 12.50,000.

After Aman leaves the series, Big B plays Fastest Finger First – Triple test and Samiksha Shrivastava from Bhopal sits in the hot seat to play the game. Samiksha is originally from Madhya Pradesh and works as a vice president in a multinational corporation. . His company manufactures power conductors for transmission lines. She shares with Big B that while studying at NMIMS, her hostel was right across from Pratiksha, Mr. Bachchan’s house, and that she and her friends saw Big B every Sunday. Samiksha said, a Mr. Bachchan answered her and she still remembers the moment very clearly. Big B picks up the game with her and presents the first question for Rs 1000: Complete this movie dialogue. Koi Baat Nahi __ Badi Badi Deshon Mein Aishe Choti Choti Baatein Hoti Rehti Hai? And the answer was: Senorita.

Samiksha gets confused about the Rs 10,000 issue and takes help from the 50-50 lifeline. The question was: Stephen Hawking was a snippet in which of these areas? The answer was: black holes. She crosses the first obstacle and manages to win Rs 10,000. The episode ends and Samiksha Shrivastava becomes the candidate for the roll-over.

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