Three baby bears enjoy a playful wrestling match on the North Carolina golf course


A woman from North Carolina captured the adorable moment when several young black bears transformed a golf course into their personal playground.

Arden Botha from western North Carolina was on a golf course in Toxaway Lake when they noticed three baby bears having fun together on the green and started filming the cubs.

The footage shows two cubs fighting on the golf course as the third baby bear attempts to knock over one of the course flags. The bears end up escaping into the woods.

The clip has since gone viral on social media – gaining nearly 250,000 views – after being shared by Danny Deraney on Twitter, who wrote: “Hello to those baby bears playing on the green and those baby bears only.”

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A Twitter user commented on the sweet post, saying: “Whoever attacked the flag never surrendered, which I noticed!” while another added: “The two siblings in the background throwing him crack me up!”

Bear on golf course /

ardden botha / viral pig

Another person joked, “This might be the only thing golf courses are good for.”

Wildlife experts urge community members to use caution if they encounter a bear by keeping their distance and avoiding interaction.

“Don’t feed them, don’t treat them like pets and let them be wild animals,” said Ashley Hobbs of the North Carolina Wildlife Resource Commission. ABC13.

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