Three key Ravens players will have to decide whether to extend


Why they can extend it: “Ricard is arguably the best blocking full-back in the league and he’s improved as a wide receiver, his skills fitting in perfectly with the Ravens’ unconventional offense. The former Maine star has become a donor. tone for the Ravens and guys with his combination of size, strength and versatility are not easy to find. “

Why they can’t: “Ceiling space will be limited with the expected deal for Jackson and there might be some reluctance to use some of it on a player who rarely touches the ball, especially if the team thinks they have a great alternative. less expensive.”

What it can cost: “At $ 5.4 million a year, former Raven and current 49er Kyle Juszczyk is by far the highest-paid full-back in the league. I don’t know if Ricard is getting that much, but his agent can certainly argue that ‘he’s each just as important to offense as Juszczyk is to the 49ers. “

How can this play out: “Ricard has been a great find for the Ravens and he fits in so well with the organization. As long as Ricard’s contract requirements are reasonable, team officials should be able to strike a deal.”

Why they can extend it: “Williams has been a centerpiece of the Ravens for a long time and when he’s out the team’s race defense has mostly struggled. The Ravens really don’t have a proven young inside racing tormentor in their roster who could replace Williams if he leaves and the team’s decision-makers have always prioritized stopping the race. “

Why they can’t: “Going into his ninth NFL campaign, Williams is 32 and has missed games in three of the past four seasons, so it would be understandable for the Ravens to be concerned about his durability.”

What it can cost: “He had a pay cut this year and his base salary is $ 6 million. Williams may have to take less than that.”

How it can be done: “The Ravens failing to extend Williams this offseason to lower his cap count – and instead go down the pay cut route – could be indicative of the team’s thinking process. … If Williams is willing to return to a reduced rate. , there’s probably a deal at But it wouldn’t be surprising if this was his final season in Baltimore. “

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