Tonto Dike and find true love


September 26 (THEWILL) – As I write this, one of the songs from legendary singer, Bongos Ikwue, “searching” continues to play in my head. In the song, Bongo Ikwue said that he is looking for true love and will keep looking until he finds it. According to the song, he will continue to search because nothing good is easy and the Bible also said that if anyone searches he will find.

It is not certain if Tonto Dikeh is still looking for true love like the song’s lyrics but “who doesn’t like it better” (apologies to Mr2kay). After all, it’s another actress, Mona Lisa Chinda, who has said that marriage is always a better option after going through her own share of marital struggles. Sorry for the digression.

The events of the past week put Tonto Dikeh in the spotlight. Although it is known that relationships or marriage is hard work. It involves a commitment. However, many still take pleasure in poking fun at the marriage of Nollywood practitioners. It is a belief among many Nigerians that female movie stars “don’t like to stay for their husbands’ house”. If this is true, this is another kettle of fish entirely as there are a lot of actresses who have celebrated years of wedding anniversaries with their spouses. Once again, sorry for digressing.

Yes, Tonto Dikeh recently made headlines with her militant ex-boyfriend Prince Kpokpogri. A lot of hurtful things have been said and one wonders if the duo ever had true love. Before now, Tonto dikeh, it was said that the actress was dating billionaire luxury designer, Michael Awolaja aka Malivelihood.

The relationship ended quietly and not much was said about their breakup in the media. They parted peacefully.

Then came Olakunle Churchill. Tonto Dikeh and Olakunle got married and had a son together. Then everything fell like a game of cards. Things fell apart between the duo and the hawk could no longer hear the falconer (apologies to Achebe) as Tonto Dikeh will tell the world that Olakunle doesn’t last long in bed, he’s less of a man than a second. Not only that, the actress also said that her former husband is an internet fraudster as she saw him in the middle of the night tie a red cloth to her waist and make incantations with a laptop surrounded by candles.

It’s a pointer to note that the cause of the breakup between the actress and Olakunle was marital infidelity. Tonto Dike had accused her husband of having a romantic relationship with his assistant and fellow actress, Rosy Meurer, an accusation that turned out to be true because Olakunle later married Meurer.

However, during the process of their breakup, they threw everything at each other even though the kitchen sink was not spared. Olakunle could talk about the actress’ smoking habits and how it bothers him and their baby. Tonto called Olakunle a liar for claiming to be the son of the former president, Olusegun Obasanjo.

Many have since forgotten about the actress’ social life until Prince Kpokpogri intervened. Tonto Dikeh had posted about her man on his social media page and many who were unsure if Prince Kpokpogri existed until they started to know him. Many had praised the actress for finding true love again and many had expressed restrictions that it was too early to start posting about her new man now on social media.

However, as a local saying goes, “you can’t counsel a woman in love or a man with money”, so the actress continued to upload photos of herself and her man even with her child, King. But it seems those who said it was too early for the actress to start uploading photos were right as it wasn’t long before news of Prince Kpokpogri cheating on the actress appeared on the news. social networks and many began to wonder if the actress had moved from the pan to the fire.

An audio leak indicating that Prince Kpokpogri had cheated on Tonto Dikeh had emerged and the activist said he would speak up and clarify the matter. He never did. Tonto Dikeh reportedly called off the relationship and moved on, but that couldn’t have been a better ending as the activist continued to attack the actress who he said smokes heavily and also took her car to her compound and did not return it. The duo fought a messy social media battle and many wondered if they ever had “real love.” It was sad to many that the affair did not last more than three months.

The affair between Tonto and Kpokpogri may be over, but one of the lessons the actress will learn is to avoid taking her relationship to social media. If Tonto hadn’t put photos of her ex-lover on her social media account, the damage from the breakup might have been minimal. Since the Internet never forgets, you have to pay attention to the things that are put there.

If the actress later finds true love and that is a prayer of many of her benefactors that she does, can she find a way to keep her relationship out of the media because most of the time those who say congratulations are usually the first to laugh at you when the going south.


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