Top 25 Transfers from the Transfer Portal Era to…


Our ranking of the top 25 transfers from the transfer portal era at Virginia Tech kicks off today. I’ve gone through all the sports in the last two days, although there may be transfers I’ve missed, but I’m sure this list is minimal at best.

There will be big name transfers that will miss our top 25, including current Virginia Tech TE/QB/WR Connor Blumrick who received significant game time for the Hokies last season at QB. John Parker Romo had a strong season as a kicker for Tech last year, while Ally Repko was a quality role player for VT Softball with big RBIs in the playoffs, but both also missed out. little top 25.

So let’s start with 25-21 on our countdown of the top 25 transfer Hokies from the transfer portal era. Also check out the rest of our rankings related to the Transfer Portal era below.

25. Conor Hartigan

Virginia Tech left-handed hitting specialist Conor Hartigan may not have had the biggest numbers, but the JMU transfer has proven to be a quality bat in the DH and lower end of the order that was important in some great moments.

In his lone season, Hartigan hit .232 with 4 home runs and 32 RBIs in 48 games, including 44 starts for the Hokies, mostly out of the DH spot. Hartigan was also strong in the playoffs scoring 4 runs while having a pair of RBIs in the first of Tech’s two wins over Columbia. Most significantly, Hartigan was instrumental in Virginia Tech winning the ACC regular season title while reaching its first super regional in program history and earning the highest national seed in the league. VT story at #4.

Hartigan may not have been a flashy player, but he was a solid, productive player for the Hokies who had bigger moments as a starter and earned his spot in this top 25 for his role on the team. Virginia Tech’s most successful baseball player in school history. .

24. Azana Baines

Moving on to No. 24 with a transfer that hadn’t been there for a while after entering the portal after last season, but enjoyed a productive season and a half for the Hokies at Azana Baines.

The transfer from Duke proved to be a productive front-row player for the Hokies, averaging at least 5 points and 5 rebounds per game in his two seasons for the Hokies. She played well as a power forward for the Hokies, bringing quality play to the front line, especially with her rebound for the Hokies.

The former Duke transfer had to wait initially, but with a call for her to be immediately eligible at the start of the season before halfway through she was cleared to play. From there, Baines was instrumental in helping the Hokies reach back-to-back NCAA Tournaments with a win in the 2021 edition and a 5 seed in the 2022 one.

23. Jordan Geber

Hartigan isn’t the only Virginia Tech Baseball standout player in 2022 to reach the top 25 in the first 5 games as Mount Saint Mary transfer Jordan Geber comes in at No. 23, although many might argue that should be higher.

Geber went from having a concussion holding him back early in the season to becoming the Sunday starter for the Hokies to complete a rotation that was strong in ACC play but simply ran out of gas late in the day. of the season. He finished the season 1-2 with a 5.40 ERA in 16 appearances, including 7 starts in 35 innings while striking out 40 and giving up only 9 walks.

Geber was a big part of the streak helping the Hokies close the deal on ACC regular season title honors while earning ACC Pitcher of the Week honors along the way. He may not have been a dynamic starter, but he played his part while stepping up the stretch to give Tech stability in the Sunday spot of their weekend rotation to help them win an ACC title. .

22. Tae Daley

Tae Daley comes in at No. 22 after a strong season at Virginia Tech last year in the backend of a secondary looking to replace a third-round draft pick at Divine Deablo.

He was productive with 73 tackles including 4 for loss plus 1 interception and 3 pass deflections. He’s also proven to be a pretty good tackler in space with 47 solo tackles, an important skill for any safety to be able to be an all-around defensive player. He was also at his best in the biggest moment of the season with 9 tackles, 1 interception and 2 pass deflections in the win over UVA to retain the Commonwealth Cup and reach a bowl game despite VT being in full mutation after separating from Justin Fuente. .

Daley provided veteran leadership at the back of Tech’s defense while being productive for the Hokies who fit in well with the Nasir Peoples. Although he may only be No. 22 on a loaded roster, Daley has proven to be a more than capable safety who has been instrumental in holding things together to help the Hokies reach a game of bowl with his best game coming at the right time to keep the Commonwealth Cup.

21. Devin Taylor

Devin Taylor barely has the advantage over Tae Daley due to the fact that Taylor’s season in the Hokies took place under more delicate circumstances arriving weeks before the 2020 season which dealt with numerous COVID effects.

Although Taylor arrived as a cornerback, he also had to adapt to safety to find his way on the field and did that well enough for the Hokies, which turned out to be a safety of quality ball that allowed Tech to use Divine Deablo closer to the line. melee. The Illinois State transfer had 55 tackles including 1.5 for loss in just 9 games plus 2 interceptions and 4 pass deflections proving to be very versatile.

Similar to Azana Baines, Taylor was also transferred albeit after just 1 season at Blacksburg with Taylor landing at Bowling Green and finding his groove at cornerback. Like Baines, his tenure at Blacksburg was quite good and perhaps underrated compared to some of the other more talented transfers around him.


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