Twin Falls sees more complaints of barking dogs


TWIN FALLS, Idaho (KLIX) – The city of Twin Falls says it is getting more complaints of barking dogs as the population grows and reminds residents of the city’s ordinance meant to control the problem. The city last week released a reminder of the city code and what people must do if they want to file a barking dog complaint. According to the city, animal control officers use a rule of three when responding to a barking dog complaint. On the first complaint, the dispatcher will need the address of where the dog is barking as well as the address of the reporter. The city says people can call anonymously, but the responding officer will only give verbal or written notice to landlords. Once they find the dog and can verify that it is barking excessively, owners may receive a verbal or written warning. If the same dog is still barking excessively and reported a second time, an officer will need to verify that the animal is barking excessively, or the separation of the report may provide video evidence of the barking dog. If, on the third complaint, the owner does nothing about the dog’s barking, the caller in the complaint can sign a citation following these guidelines:
-have video/audio evidence of the dog in question barking. The video must originate from the complainants’ property, without upsetting the dog or encroaching on any other property. Proofs must be dated and exceed the given week for compliance.

-can describe the residence (physically or by address), the dog in question and can verbally express that the barking of the dog bothers or upsets the complainant.

-is willing to sign a subpoena, complete a statement and testify in court.

The city says there is nothing in city code that prohibits the use of anti-bark sound devices, but they must be kept on your own property. For more information on Twin Falls Barking Dog Complaints, visit this WEB PAGE.

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