UB40 to headline Reggae Night at the Bowl


UB40 headlining Reggae Night at the Bowl: It’s reggae night at the Hollywood Bowl, and not in that awful “new reggae” mode (Soy, etc.). The Birmingham UB40 veterans are joined by the Original Wailers (well, Al Anderson anyway), along with Maxi Priest and Big Mountain locals. So many good bits between this batch.

Birmingham’s fellow 80s star Duran Duran was right there, so it’s fitting to see the UB40 title there too. They recently released a new single, “Champion”.

UB40‘Champion’ was the official anthem of the recent 2022 Commonwealth Games, hosted by UB40The hometown of Birmingham, England, and is the lead single from their upcoming 2023 album titled UB45, a celebration of the band’s 45th anniversary with new and recorded hits,” a press release read. “With two of Birmingham’s most respected entertainers, Gilly G and Dapz on the card alongside UB40 frontman Matt Doyle, listen to “Champion” HERE.”

UB40 headlining Reggae Night at the Bowl: 7 p.m. on Sunday, September 18 at hollywood bowl.

Press biography:

UB40having sold more than 100 million albums worldwide with members Jimmy Brown (drums), Robin Campbell (guitar/vocals), Earl Falconer (bass/vocals), Norman Lamont Hassan (percussion/vocals), Martin Meredith (keyboards/WX7/saxophone), Tony Mullings (keyboards), Laurence Parry (trumpet/flugal/trombone), Ian Thompson (saxophone) – and lead singer Matt Doyle – are a multicultural English reggae and pop band originally formed in Birmingham, England, who perform to live audiences worldwide since 1978. UB40New lead singer Matt Doyle joined the band as lead singer in 2021, succeeding retired Duncan Campbell. The band asked Doyle to join after his band, KIOKO, opened for them at the Royal Albert Hall in 2018 (and went on to support UB40 on their subsequent UK tour and European tours). Doyle’s lead vocals are also featured on the track “You Don’t Call Anymore” by BIGGA BAGGARIDDIM, recently released last year.

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