Vikings receive 1st No. 1 votes of 2022


No. 3 (no change): NFL Staff – Launderer’s report

The Minnesota Vikings entered Week 10 on a six-game winning streak. But what they didn’t have was a decisive victory over a quality opponent, a win that legitimized them as Super Bowl contenders.

After their 33-30 overtime win over the Buffalo Bills, they now have one.

Sunday’s win at Buffalo had a bit of everything. The Vikings trailed by 17 points in the second half before coming back strong to take the lead with less than a minute to play. But the Bills scored to force overtime and were heading for an overtime game-winning touchdown before a Patrick Peterson interception crushed the return.

Peterson told reporters after the game that the win sent a message to anyone who doubted these Vikings.

“We’re not trying to prove them wrong. We just want to keep proving we’re right every time we step onto the pitch,” Peterson said. “I believe the biggest margin was 13, 14, 17? So if we’re not a good football team, how could you come back from this deficit? Look at us now.”

“The Vikings became the kings of the dangerous life,” said Gary Davenport. “They fall behind time and time again, but they keep finding ways to dump a win. Say what you want about Kirk Cousins. Or a defense giving up the fourth most yards per game in the league. But getting seven straight wins isn’t easy, and neither is going to Buffalo and beating the Bills.If there was any doubt as to whether the Vikings are real, the matter was settled on Sunday.

“Can we talk about the quality of Justin Jefferson?” Brent Sobleski added. “Without him, the Vikings wouldn’t have beaten the Bills. His 193-yard performance, including the most ridiculous contested one-handed stab ever on 4th and 18th late in the fourth quarter, is a caught nine passes against the Bills with a success probability of less than 50%, according to NFL Next Gen Stats. No other receiver has had more than six in a game since the stat began.

“Jefferson is HIM, and he will lead the Vikings to legitimate Super Bowl contention.”


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