Visit Highlands, North Carolina: the Lookbook


Written by: Donna Rhodes | Publish: March-2022

The Highland Chamber of Commerce makes a beautiful, passionate presentation of the natural wonders of life on the Plateau.


If you’re captivated by the magic of the Highlands, surrender to its vistas of mountain trails, rivers, cliffs, towering waterfalls and rocky ridges. These wonders are enveloped in a temperate rainforest, handcrafted by the world’s finest outdoor designer, Mother Nature.

The mountaineers swear that she outdid herself on the Plateau.

If it’s a day you can’t hike on your own two feet, let your eyes wander Visit Highlands, NC/Highlands Chamber 2022 Experience Guide, and, both loaded with award-winning photos.

Prepare to be visually impressed.

As you walk the scenic photo trails, sneak some time to spy on its animal inhabitants. Explore aviators (birds and pollinators), serpents (snakes, lizards and salamanders) and loggers (the iconic bears).

As you scroll through the snapshots, you’re bound to spot a creature or two grazing on the dining table in Nantahala, the forest floor. Or creatures wandering in the dappled light, playing their part in keeping the wheel of environmental balance turning.

At night, nocturnals (bobbins, raccoons, bats, barred owls, bullfrogs, white-tailed deer, foxes, etc.) are more heard than seen. But if you’re an adventurer, contact the Highlands Biological Station for a summer salamander meander, the Highlands Land Trust for a hike in protected forest, or explore the Highlands Greenway on your own.

If you are a bird watcher, you are under the friendly skies of migratory and resident songbirds and birds of prey. A Birding Bonanza is held every year as bird lovers take note and number every beak and every bird that flies over their backyard. For more information, contact the Highlands Audubon Society.

Highlands is a home and retreat for caring, passionate and caring residents and visitors. It is a pleasure to be one thread among many others that weave a balanced community for all its occupants.

If you need a little more wonder, go ahead and visit the Visitor Center at 108 Main Street or visit to see what photo aficionados have captured for your tour of our beautiful land. that we and Mother Nature call home. Better yet, put on your boots and hit one of the well-worn Highland trails – and don’t make it home until the cows do.


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