WA Police not interested in assessing warrant thoughts after rogue investigation


A WA Police spokeswoman said the results of the investigation should not be taken seriously as they were not scientifically based.

However, the spokeswoman said the police would not conduct a similar investigation themselves as it would be a waste of resources and would not change the agency’s view.

“Such an investigation would not change anything and is therefore not considered a prudent use of money, resources and time,” she said.

“The Commissioner will not speak on behalf of the 10,000 police and police personnel who make up WA Police.

“They are entitled to their own opinions, however, when it comes to applying the laws and upholding workplace regulations, there will be no debate.”

As frontline workers, WA Police, along with health workers and older workers, were one of the first groups to be hit with vaccination orders.


In August last year, Mr Dawson introduced a policy requiring all unvaccinated staff to wear masks if they had not had at least one COVID-19 vaccination.

Police were also included in the group a critical workforce that required all officers to have one vaccination by December 1 and two doses by January 1 or face dismissal.

WA Police Officer Ben Falconer successfully won a Supreme Court injunction for officers who did not receive the vaccine on time as he launched a legal challenge to the warrant.

The case is scheduled for trial at the end of this month.

The WA Police Union declined to comment.

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