Watch: Girl attacked by spider monkeys in Mexican zoo


One might think that wild animals kept in a zoo enclosure will not be able to harm visitors. However, in a shocking video, a monkey in a zoo is seen grabbing a girl’s hair.

In the video, a girl, who appears to be 11 or 12, can be seen approaching the wire mesh wall that separates the monkeys from the visitors.

However, a monkey somehow grabs hold of the girl’s hair and refuses to let go. Soon other visitors intervene and the monkey and the girl are separated. However, seconds later, as the girl tries to move away, two monkeys grab her hair again, but this time she moves quickly and frees herself.

The monkeys in the video are identified as spider monkeys found in Central and South America. This video, originally posted online by TikTok user @greciadlg2 on July 24, was allegedly taken at a zoo in Mexico.

So far, the video has garnered more than eight million views on TikTok and is widely shared on other social media platforms as well.

This clip comes weeks after a similar video that showed a orangutan grabbing a man’s leg went viral on social media. The incident happened at Indonesia’s Kasang Kulim Zoo after the man, identified as Hasan Arifin, violated zoo safety rules by climbing a barrier that normally separates animals from visitors in order to obtain video.


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