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The starting Pokémon in Pokémon Gen 9 could be inspired by animals not yet used for designs. Here are some possible animals that could be chosen.

9th generation starters Pokemon the games could potentially have unique designs based on real-world animals. Pokémon have iconic designs and look like all kinds of creatures and objects, but even with 898 different species of Pokémon, there are still some real animals that have never been adapted to games. Gen 9 could use their starter Pokémon to show off new designs based on some of these unused animals.

The designs of the starting Pokémon are arguably some of their most important traits in games. Aside from their types, the appearances of newbies are the only information players might have to enter a new generation, so some are chosen for their looks. There are a number of animals with interesting appearances that might inspire Gen 9 newbies that will capture the attention of gamers. Here are some examples.

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A coyote-based Pokémon could be the Generation 9 Fire-type starter. Coyotes can live in incredibly warm habitats like Mexico and Death Valley in California. Yes Pokemon The Gen 9 region is based on a country with a similar arid climate, a type of fire resembling a coyote might make sense. Coyotes are already associated with fire in various cultures and histories, so their design could be inflamed or seemingly ashy. Plus, no generation has had a starter Pokémon with a canine-like appearance, so a starter with a coyote theme might stand out in that regard.

Pokémon Gen 9 starters could be based on animals never used before

The Gen 9 Grass-type starter could be inspired by a cheetah. Some species of cheetah stalk their prey in the grasslands of Africa, using their characteristic spotted fur to camouflage themselves in patches of tall grass. The designers of Game Freak could point out this fact to create a Cheetah-inspired Pokémon that is actually a Grass-type. The Pokémon might start out cute, looking like a small, docile, and eventually evolve to look more like a predator. It could retain the distinctive cheetah fur pattern, but with a more vegetal appearance to suit its typology.

For the Generation 9 Water-type starter Pokémon, a sandpiper could be used as inspiration. Sandpipers are birds that often live near shores or other bodies of water to grab their food, so it may make sense to be of the Water type. Since there are many subspecies of sandpipers, the Pokémon could evolve from a smaller variety to one of the larger, long-billed types. Perhaps as the bird grows, its plumage could become more vibrant, or it could acquire the elegant appearance of a bird of prey.

Although there is currently no official information on the designs of Pokemon Gen 9, the Pokemon community continued to make its own contributions. A number of fan-made Pokémon designs show that there are still so many creative ideas for Pokémon. Maybe when Gen 9 is announced, some of its new Pokémon will be based on new and interesting animals.

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