Where the boot never fades


George Orwell once wrote, “All tyrannies rule by fraud and force, but once the fraud is revealed they must rely exclusively on force.

He was someone who knew intimately the danger he was warning about, and who also rightly said – even more ominously – via 1984:

There will be no curiosity, no pleasure from the process of life. All competing pleasures will be destroyed. But always – remember, Winston – there will always be the intoxication of power, ever increasing and ever more subtle. Always, every moment, there will be the thrill of victory, the feeling of trampling on a helpless enemy. If you want an image of the future, imagine a boot stomping on a human face – forever.

Sadly, it’s no longer just the stuff of fiction and dystopian novels. Our Orwellian overlords have been extremely successful in keeping the masses under their boots by raising fear, panic and paranoia about a virus. Two years of lockdown hell – particularly here in Melbourne – have taken their toll. Many lives shattered and many lives lost – to suicide, drug and alcohol addiction, business collapse, etc. – were the deplorable result.

I don’t ever want to go through all that again, as I would every freedom-loving citizen who’s had a bellyful of the Big State doing its best to emulate Big Brother. Luckily, that’s more or less over – or so it seems. But just as a rapacious carnivore always wants more, after taking a taste of blood, our statists have enjoyed the power and control they have so easily managed to achieve over the past few years.

They don’t want to give it up. In fact, they want After.

A whole new era has been ushered in, and it’s not just most politicians who love it so much. Many people at the top of the food chain rubbed their hands in joy at seeing their new world order coming together so well. It was a dream race.

Down here, our power-hungry Prime Ministers are still intoxicated by their new powers. They not only want to maintain total control over the masses, but they want to punish any holdouts who dared not bow down and worship them and their drastic edicts.

Consider two recent examples of this. That’s what Queensland bullies are up to now:

The Queensland Department of Education is waiving the salaries of 900 school staff who have not received the Covid vaccine, saying ignoring the mandate put others at risk. Staff members, including teachers, teaching assistants, administrative staff, cleaners and school officers, will receive a “temporary small-scale reduction in salary increase” for 18 weeks, the department said.

Approximately $25 to $90 gross per week, commensurate with the normal salary a staff member receives,” a department spokesperson said. “Disciplinary sanctions imposed on staff are individualized according to each person’s situation.” Staff received a letter this week advising them of the decision, but they were told of a 20-week period.

The letter said the action was “appropriate” given the seriousness of the matter and hoped staff would follow future directions. A directive from the state health director required school staff to be vaccinated against Covid from November last year, but the decision was revoked in June and staff have since returned to the venue of work.

Talk about the dictatorship in action: “You will be be punished for refusing our orders. You will be make an example. You will be suffer for it. As if they hadn’t already suffered. Fortunately, there has been some push back on this.

The article also says this:

Queensland Teachers’ Professional Association secretary Tracy Tully said the teachers concerned were told earlier this year they would face disciplinary action for not complying. “While they were on suspended leave without pay, they received a letter advising them that there would be disciplinary action, but they did not know what it would be,” she said.

“By doing that, it actually puts people in a high state of alert and fear.” Ms Tully said teachers had already been penalized financially. “Teachers have already been punished by being removed from their posts without pay,” she said. Ms Tully said some teachers would appeal the decision to the Industrial Relations Board.

Professor Julie Leask, a social scientist from the University of Sydney who specializes in vaccines, said the pay cut policy came from a time when high vaccination coverage was crucial to reducing transmission, but that it was now “obsolete”. “It is unlikely to achieve what these policies should be trying to achieve, which is to either encourage vaccination or ensure others are protected from transmission,” she said. Professor Leak said such policies only “alienate and breed mistrust”. “This policy appears to be more an anger-based policy than an evidence-based policy,” she said.

But another state is also embarking on the persecution, making life even more difficult for all those rebellious lepers there. As reported by a news item:

WA Police say more than 50 officers are facing disciplinary action for refusing to get a COVID-19 shot – as a legal challenge to state vaccination warrants by one of their own was broadly dismissed by a WA Supreme Court judge. Ben Falconer spent nearly nine months fighting warrants issued by WA Police to all of his employees late last year – a battle that lasted so long that the warrants have been lifted in the meantime.

That battle was lost on three fronts on Tuesday, when Judge Jeremy Allanson methodically separated the arguments around irrationality, proportionality and bodily integrity. “It was not, according to the applicant’s lawyer, a maelstrom in a Petri dish. The actions that were taken are no doubt extraordinary, but that does not establish that they were so unreasonable as to be, for that reason, beyond power,” Judge Allanson said.

More statist gangsters in action. As one of my friends on social media said:

Now that Ben Falconer has lost his case, they want to punish everyone who didn’t agree to get vaccinated by force. It’s shameful to impose a vaccine, let alone a total mistake that doesn’t even prevent transmission, let alone everything we’ve learned since, but to go after them at this point is just plain shameful. Let’s just continue to aggravate the injury even after the threat has passed, and make sure our law enforcement officers know their value is 0. It’s a total mess.

Very well. All dictators thrive on fear, bullying and bullying. These Labor prime ministers – and others like them – have become experts on the matter. And what’s really scary is that what we see down there is no different than what we see in communist China with its social credit system: right behavior and right thinking (as determined by the State) will be rewarded; bad behavior and bad thinking will be punished.

China and Australia are much closer than we thought – and in more ways than one.

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