Who is Vecna ​​in ‘Stranger Things’ Season 4? Is he related to Victor Creel?


The world of “Stranger Things” is divided into two important dimensions. A human dimension filled with love, hope and endless possibilities to work things out, then there is another dark dimension, the “Upside Down”. It can be called an evil realm where the sky is as red as hell itself, and the earth is heaped with the remains of the dead. The “Upside Down” is home to the mutated monsters who once tormented their lands and are now seeking new avenues to spread evil, and what could be a perfect playground for them but the human world? The first season from “Stranger Things” introduced us to a monster that teenage investigators named The Demogorgon, and in season 2, we witnessed the wrath of the Supreme Leader, The Mind Flayer, who is probably the ruler and most powerful creature of the “Upside Down” dimension. After the fall of The Mind Flayer in Season 3, the Duffer Brothers have now introduced a more menacing and menacing antagonist for the finale of their beloved series. They call her “Vecna”, after another evil character from the Dungeons & Dragons fantasy role-playing game.

Major Spoilers for ‘Stranger Things’ Season 4 – Please don’t read further if you haven’t completed Part 1.

Much like the character he is inspired by, Vecna’s physical attributes depict a lich, but he does not prey on the human body; instead, he captures their minds and souls. It targets men and women who have committed sin in their past and are constantly running away from it. They consciously hold themselves responsible for another person’s misery but are too scared to face their flaws and fears. And this is the weak point that Vecna ​​attacks. In the first episode of “Stranger Things”, season 4, he targets a teenager from Hawking High School named Chrissy Cunningham, who suffers from psychological trauma associated with her parents. Chrissy observes a clock in the woods, which is probably Vecna, telling her that her hour of judgment has finally come. The second child who falls prey to Vecna ​​is Fred, who consciously stands guilty for letting someone die in an accident. Vecna ​​also targets Billy Hargrove’s younger half-sister, Max Mayfield, who is traumatized after Billy’s death at the end of Season 3 and deep in her head believes she could have saved her brother, but she didn’t. She was standing there, watching him die, when the Mind Flayer attacked him. Luckily Max was rescued by her friends and she made it through hell to get home safely. The question here is, why was Vecna ​​attacking these people and holding their minds captive in his domain?

What was Vecna’s motive?

According to Dustin Henderson’s working theory, Vecna ​​established a strong psychic connection with its victims in order to open multiple gates between the human dimension and the “Upside Down” to enhance the powers of the Mind Flayer. His theory is based on the fact that whenever an entity from one dimension makes psychic contact with another, a door opens, much like Eleven, who contacted a Demogorgon in Season 1, opened a portal. towards the “Upside Down”. Also, the Mind Flayer can only operate or take over the human world when the gates between the two dimensions are wide open, hence all the fuss. Dustin believes that Vecna ​​is some sort of five-star general in the evil Mind Flayer army, who has the power to open the door between dimensions so that he serves his master’s purpose. And thus comes the next question: how can Vecna ​​open the interdimensional portals and have powers similar to Eleven?

What was Vecna’s true identity? Is he the son of Victor Creel?

At the end of Stranger Things Season 4 Episode 7, a medic at Hawkins National Laboratory reveals his true identity to Eleven. He shows her the marks on his hand that ultimately establish that he is none other than subject number “One”, the first to be experimented on for Project MKUltra, a secret project started by the US government to improve mind control. capabilities of certain subjects in order to prepare them to fight the country’s Cold War. Unlike Eleven and the other children in the experiments, One or originally named Henry was born with mind control abilities. Her story dates back to 1959 when her father, Victor Creel, a veteran who fought World War II in Paris, returned to his native country after 14 years. He received a small fortune (a house) from his wife, Virginia’s great-uncle, and the family moved to Hawkins, Indiana to live a peaceful life thereafter, unaware of the horror that awaited them.

Shortly after the family settled into their new home, Virginia and her daughter Alice (15) began having nightmares, and Victor was the last to follow. He believed that some kind of demon was nesting in the house, unaware that it was his own son, Henry (12), who was playing tricks with their minds. Even during childhood, Henry or One, was mentally unstable, but people around him did not understand his problems and simply called him “broken”. Henry felt like an outcast and thus isolated himself from everyone around him. He discovered he had certain psychokinetic powers and began experimenting on animals around him. Victor told Nancy that he often used to find the dead animals around his house, and many thought it was the work of a feral cat, but it was the sinister work of his son. Using his mind control abilities, Henry began to traumatize his mother and sister and even killed them. He was about to kill Victor but got exhausted and suddenly collapsed on the ground before he could finish the mayhem he started. Not everyone in the small town could decipher what really happened at Victor Creel’s house that day, and so, to sum it up, the police blamed Victor for the brutal crimes and charged him with first degree murder. Henry was taken to the hospital, where Dr. Martin Brenner approached him and took him into his custody to experiment on him, while on the other hand, Victor learned that his son had died in a coma.

Dr. Martin Brenner wanted to control Henry and use him as a weapon for his country, which was waging a cold war against his adversary. He wanted to replicate Henry and create an army of super-soldiers to give the United States an extra edge in war, and so when Brenner failed to tame Henry, he used him to recreate more children. like him who had similar powers, and so began the secret government program, Project MKUltra, at Hawkins National Laboratory. Eleven’s mother, Terry Ives, who volunteered for the government program, was injected with DNA from Henry (presumably) so that her offering, Jane Ives or Eleven, would be born with the same controlling abilities of the mind, and it really happened. All of these children born under Project MKUltra were taken captive at Hawkins National Laboratory, where Brenner raised them in order to shape them to his own wishes. On the other hand, Henry the Rebel was fixed with a device called “Soteria” which took away his power and turned him into an ordinary medic.

How did Henry turn into Vecna?

Isn’t the feeling of being abandoned the best recipe for shaping a perfect antagonist? Ever since Henry woke up, he felt like an outcast. He was different indeed, but by society’s predetermined standards, he was called broken. He hated those rules and hated the men who tried to control him, whether it was his father, Victor Creel, or his self-proclaimed dad, Dr. Martin Brenner. When Henry failed to fit in with the other children, he went on his own journey of self-discovery and found solace in the solitary creatures or predators of the human world, such as a spider. He believed that these predators brought balance and order to an unstable ecosystem and thus claimed to be one of the predators in the human world who would exterminate the most destructive pest, that is, humans themselves. However, he was too weak to fulfill his purpose or follow his madness and so waited for the right moment to give wings to his desire. He even told Eleven that all the humans he killed were part of his spirit and thus helped him become stronger, which further explains why Vecna ​​targeted so many teenagers in the human dimension.

While imprisoned in Hawkins National Laboratory, Henry or One manipulated Eleven and instilled in her a hatred for Brenner into rebelling against him and helping Henry get rid of the device that was blocking his powers. Once freed from “Soteria”, he finally revealed his true nature and brutally murdered almost everyone in the Hawkins facility in revenge. For a very long time, Eleven blamed herself for these deaths, because in her memories, she often saw herself smeared with blood, but in reality, it was Henry who committed these atrocities.

At the end of “Stranger Things” Season 4, Episode 7, it was revealed that Eleven faced Henry in a battle and used her past traumatic experiences to amplify the powers that helped her outnumber her. sworn enemy. In the end, she not only defeated Henry, but also opened a doorway to the “Upside Down” dimension and sent him straight to Hell. Due to the overuse of power, Eleven became exhausted and lost some of her memory, forgetting about Henry and the people he murdered. Henry, on the other hand, was likely captured, controlled, or mutated by the Mind Flayer, which turned him into the predator he always wanted to be, a lich, or as Dustin calls it, Vecna. But even though he turned into a monster, he didn’t really forget who he was. In the ‘Upside Down’ dimension, he took refuge in his father’s house, which is why Nancy found the identical house when Max drew the pictures of it after his thrilling escape from Vecna ​​captivity.

Eleven and Vecna ​​had the same mind control abilities, and it was because of this that Vecna, or Henry of the ‘Upside Down’ dimension, was able to make psychic contact with humans and grasp their mind in order to open the gates between two dimensions, similar to how Eleven did in the case of Demogorgon in Season 1. The only missing link here is if Mind Flayer had that ultimate weapon in the form of Vecna ​​at his disposal, so why didn’t he use that sooner?

Nevertheless, in the finale episode of Strange Things Season 4 Part 2, we will likely witness an ultimate battle between Eleven and a more menacing and menacing Henry, i.e. Vecna. And since this is the series finale, the final battle will likely also be the end of the Mind Flayer, which will likely give narrative closure to the characters and the world they live in.

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