Why This Indie Rock Band Member Was Impressed With Hereford


OVER the bank holiday weekend, a member of a leading indie rock band attended an event in Hereford and was impressed with what he saw.

A Rule of Tum’s Hereford Indie Food fest held a one-night event on Sunday May 1 to kick off its two-day festival which will take place on August 27-28, after being postponed for two years due to the Covid Pandemic .

The event sold out and 500 people visited The Yard and Rule of Tum’s award-winning restaurants – Burger Shop, The Bookshop and Leaven.

Joe Falconer, lead guitarist for the four-person band Circa Waves, headlined with a DJ set alongside Hereford backing artist Jake of Diamonds with his band and local DJ Max Galactic.


Mr. Falconer brought the crowd to life with his mix of 90s classics and belts out indie songs from the past few years.

The Worcestershire-born musical artist was impressed with the atmosphere Hereford brought to the night.

Mr Falconer said he would happily return to Hereford and take part in the festival as it develops.

“It’s great to see Hereford, they have such an opportunity here,” he said.

“I really enjoyed being here.”

The team is doing a great job, not just with the festival but with Tum Rule as a whole, he said.

Circa Waves is known for its signature songs including T-shirt weather, Stuck in my Teeth and Movies.

The band opened the NME Awards tour in March 2014, which also included Temples, Interpol and Royal Blood.

On June 10, 2014, Circa Waves then released their EP Young Chasers on Virgin Records in the United States.


He mingled with the crowd for the rest of the night as people moved to The Bookshop for an after party.

Brother’s Edwin and Dorian Kirk own A Rule of Tum – a restaurant collective in Herefordshire and Worcestershire – and worked with event manager Callum Beattie to organize the evening.

The main event in August will see a lineup of local food businesses with further music lineup to be announced.

Tickets can be found on the Hereford Indie Food website.


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