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Two bills (A-2275 and -S179), known as the “Compassion for Community Cats Act”, were introduced this legislative session to encourage community trapping, neutering, vaccinating and releasing (TNVR) programs or TNR) for feral cats in New Jersey. . While I sympathize with the plight of these unfortunate cats, I am more concerned about the very real and growing damage that free-roaming cats are causing to the environment around them.

Feral cats – or any free-roaming cats – have been shown to have a significant impact on highly vulnerable bird populations. The loss of unique migratory birds that fall prey to cats is particularly heartbreaking. These birds travel here, some over very long distances, to raise their young before returning to their wintering habitat.

Predation by domestic cats is not “nature’s way”. It is believed that wild cats were first domesticated in ancient Egypt. Because we love our cats and their company, there are now approximately 60 million cats in the United States alone. Wild birds have not had time to develop any protection against this prolific predator. Birds are essentially defenseless.

The bird population is already under extreme pressure due to habitat loss and climate change. A recent Cornell Labs study published in the journal Science shows a loss of 3 billion birds in North America over the past 50 years. About 50% of grassland bird species are extinct or endangered; think of the meadowlark. Stray cats are believed to be responsible for the majority of human-avoidable losses, researchers believe.

We will never run out of domestic cats. However, we are in real danger of losing our beloved wild bird population. Extinction is forever.

Please send these bills back to sponsors to find a way to humanely control wild populations without releasing them into the environment.

Cathy Biel, Medford

Biden should blow his own horn

A recent letter from Evan Grollman was headlined “More of this current Joe Biden, please.”

I totally agree with Grollman’s assessment of our president’s performance in office lately. Yes, President Biden should stop trying to please everyone and continue being himself. He is expected to continue to let voters know that he and Vice President Kamala Harris have achieved results in their first year in office.

Biden grew our economy and solved the climate crisis. One of its flagship victories was the approval of the $1.2 trillion infrastructure package, which will dramatically increase investment in bridges, roads, airports, public transport, national high-speed internet flow, as well as waterways and energy systems.

Only 13 Republicans in the US House joined Democrats in voting for the bill. Despite unprecedented challenges, with Republicans battling Biden at every turn, 2021 has been a year of progress for working families.

More than 3 million additional Americans have obtained health insurance coverage. Experts believe child poverty has fallen significantly in 2021 thanks to an expanded tax credit. When Biden took office, during a more serious phase of the COVID-19 pandemic, more than 18 million people were receiving unemployment benefits. Today, according to the White House, the number is around 2 million, the largest single-year drop in history. He has appointed more judges who reflect our diversity in federal courts.

Biden has done a lot for our country and we must support him in his efforts. Just recently, Republicans demanded that Biden do more for Ukraine, but more than two dozen of them in the Senate voted against a now-signed general spending bill with $13.6 billion in aid. dollars. What a hypocritical attitude.

Richard NashWilliamstown

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