World’s oldest known gorilla celebrates another birthday


We are speechless because she looks pretty good for her age!

The oldest known gorilla in the world recently celebrated another birthday.

CNN reporting how the western lowland gorilla, named Fatou, celebrated his 65th birthday on Wednesday April 13 at Berlin Zoo. Fatou received a special rice cake with fruit written “65” to commemorate the event, as well as a congratulatory Instagram post posted on the zoo’s account.

“Our lady gorilla turns 65 today, making her the oldest gorilla in the world,” the post read. once translated. “The traditional birthday cake could not be missing this year either.”

“This birthday meal is a rare treat for Fatou,” says an article posted on the museum’s website on a previous birthday for Fatou. “She only receives this variety of fruit, served with rice and fromage blanc, once a year.

“Like humans, gorillas should not eat too much sugar. Fruit contains so much fructose that it is not healthy for monkeys to have it too often. Fatou’s normal diet consists mainly of vegetables.

UPI continues to explain how Fatou has called Berlin Zoo home since she was about 2 years old. She arrived in 1959 in what the zoo itself calls “unusual circumstances” when an “alcoholic sailor” used Fatou to cover his tab at a tavern. She then ended up at the zoo.

“Fatou is one of the rare animals in the Zoo and Tierpark Berlin to be born in the wild; the vast majority of animals were born in captivity,” the Berlin Zoo website continues. “Capturing wild animals for zoos is now a thing of the past.”

The zoo also notes that Fatou once shared the same age as another gorilla, Trudy, who lived at the Little Rock Zoo in Arkansas. Alas, Trudy passed away in 2019 at the age of 63.


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