“You hear stories about Oasis and the Libertines – they haven’t touched us”


Falconer tells mind-boggling tales of “loads of concerts I haven’t been to,” “blood in hotel elevators” and, after a sleepless night in a recording studio, canoeing down a river to to the nearest place. pub. They got so cold that they decided the best way to survive was to get wet. “Then we realized that the water was only up to the tibia. Then this farmer comes in with a shotgun and I’m sitting in this canoe in my boxers in mine [urine] and he said to me: ‘What are you doing on my land?’ “

He shakes his head. “Dude, the s — we did… You hear stories about Oasis and The Libertines and all those crazy bands – they haven’t touched us. [A certain big pop star] was in the other studio at the time. At the time, he wasn’t making any equipment, but he said he would try it. The next minute he’s a reducer, hanging from the rafters.

But at the time, that was expected and, he says, encouraged by the music industry. “You would come to shows and someone would say, ‘Do you want a line [of cocaine]? You can play without a line, get a line.

This was part of the reason he still wanted to do a solo album, The View breaking up after five albums in 2017. He was fed up with the intra-group drama and, he says, not being able to flex his pure muscles. writing pop songs.

“The rest of the group loved Nirvana, Iggy Pop and Jesus and Mary Chain. It wasn’t my cup of tea at all. I was in Del Amitri, Alanis Morrissette, Crowded House – that’s what changed my life. And then I also liked real pop music. But I never would have said I was in pop music, because you weren’t allowed to. It wasn’t cool. But now it’s cool as f —! “He barks.” ABBA is my favorite band. “

It all says: “I miss concerts and big shows. The biggest show I did solo had a capacity of 1200 at QMU, ”he says of the Queen Margaret Union at Glasgow University. “And it took a long time to sell. While The View would sell gigs like thishe said with a snap of his fingers. “And hear the roar of ‘The View are on fire!’ – phew, it’s like taking a line of cocaine. And this first chord of [2011 single] Grace, madman! He said, putting his finger in his mouth to make a snap on his cheek, which this effervescent Artful Dodger does regularly.

Things turned out ignominiously for The View, after a 10e anniversary tour. Their former manager had assured them it would be a get-rich-quick scheme, with each member pledging £ 80,000. But in the end, “he asked someone else to tell us we didn’t pay tax, so all the tour money for a year went to pay tax. We ended up with no money at all and that’s where we all started fighting. It was horrible. I didn’t have a dime.

Yet, true to a foul (and, arguably, to his own detriment), Falconer isn’t about to start throwing stones.

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