Zimbabwe: wild animals kill six in one week


Six people died last week after being attacked by wildlife in different parts of the country, the Zimbabwe Parks and Wildlife Management Authority (Zimparks) has confirmed.

This brings the number of people killed by wildlife since January to 46.

Zimparks expressed concern that lives were being lost as a result of human-wildlife conflict.

The authority said it was training residents of communities near wildlife habitats in animal behavior and also discouraging them from moving around at night.

Zimparks’ public relations director, Mr. Tinashe Farawo, has confirmed the deaths.

“This week (last week) alone we lost at least six lives,” he said. “Four of them were killed by elephants and two by crocodiles. It’s a sad week for us. It’s bad and these things keep happening.

“We have received distress calls from communities almost daily and it is very unfortunate.” Mr Farawo said they were training the communities and giving them security measures.

“Primarily, we teach them animal behavior and also dissuade them from moving at night as most of these animals move at night,” he said. Mr Farawo said some people were killed during the day.

“In the latter case in Save, a 46-year-old man was coming from church with other congregations,” he said. “They were traveling in a Scottish cart.

“Unfortunately, an elephant bull emerged and attacked it. It is unfortunate that we are still recorded saying that our elephants are overcrowded. Human and animal populations are increasing, but the earth is not expanding.” Mr Farawo expressed concern that wildlife was also destroying its habitats.


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